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Stealth Tower
Stealth Tower

The patented Stealth Tower is designed to provide active linear perimeter coverage utilizing multiple, interlaced IR beams projecting 660’ (200m) in each direction. The beams may be directed up to a 90° angle to allow corner placement of the tower. The tower is named “Stealth” due to its black color and the ability to blend into fence lines and foliage when viewed from a distance – making it almost invisible. Available in six or ten foot heights and when deployed at maximum range, approximately nine towers will provide one mile of perimeter protection. Stealth tower technology is TSA Safe Skies reviewed and patented – meeting some of the most demanding thresholds of security performance.

The towers completely enclose and protect from the outside elements all internal sensors, batteries, and assemblies ensuring long-life and sustained performance. The solar powered stand-alone towers are polycarbonate and Lexan construction, making them free from EMI and RFI issues, electrical surge concerns, and include a lifetime lightning warranty – making them ideal for use in electrical substations and industrial applications.

The towers mount directly to a 250 pound concrete pedestal base, with Solarbeam providing molds or pedestals as desired. Four specially made 12V gel batteries provide power to the sensors and solar power recharges the batteries daily. In southern climates, an average of five hours of sun daily is required for full charging and Solarbeam provides solar calculations for all regions. The Stealth tower is also available in a powered (AC) version with battery backup, should electrical power be convenient at the installed location. Stealth towers can operate a minimum of 5 days without recharging and usually provide 7-14 days of uncharged operation.

A solid-state internal controller inside the tower provides remote diagnostics to include beam health, beam trips, solar charging state, and battery status. Secure wireless radios or secure cellular provide data directly to the user, security suite, or alarm panel – with perimeter beam trips being a simple I/O report. This allows users to receive notification as desired and without incurring large data charges or bandwidth issues. Should your security needs change, towers are easily relocated ensuring long-term value in your purchase. Finally, Solarbeam has hundreds of Stealth towers that were installed ten to fourteen years ago and still standing guard with only minor upgrades.

Stealth Mini Tower
Stealth Mini Tower

The Stealth Mini Tower is designed to meet smaller-scale, short-term or rapidly deployable perimeter requirements. The Mini is three feet in height and mounted to a smaller, 100 pound cement pedestal allowing easy deployment and portability. The IR beam sensors in this unit are identical to the full-sized Stealth tower with the exception that the Mini is solely battery powered and beam distance is limited to 330’ (100m). The beam sensors and battery life are guaranteed for five years based on environmental conditions. Users can be easily notified of beam breaches by text, email or through normal alarm notifications. Easily deployable and simple to align, this is an ideal solution for construction sites, temporary security perimeters, and rapid deployment scenarios.

Slimline Tower
Slimline Tower

The Slimline 16 or 20 foot aluminum solar tower is designed as a flexible and autonomous solar platform to power various arrays of cameras and sensors. Providing an unmatched vantage point from 16’ or 20’, the Slimline is a perfect perimeter system complement to provide intruder verification and for overlapping protection of critical infrastructure areas. Remote airport areas - the Slimline tower is available in a frangible configuration allowing for cost effective protection of the most remote areas. We offer a wide variety of recommended camera options and detection sensors, as well as adapting to owner-user requests. Consider the ability to establish any of the following cameras or sensors in critical or remote areas, normally out of reach to traditional wired systems:

  • PTZ cameras offering a panoramic wide field of view with zoom capability
  • Low power, German engineered Mobotix cameras offering superb day / night viewing
  • Thermal day / night cameras offering unmatched night performance for remote areas
  • FLIR cameras offering superb night performance over water and in the darkest areas
  • IR Curtains capable of establishing a perimeter up to 700’ in two directions for securing high-risk areas

Video verification in remote locations is the perfect complement to the Stealth wireless perimeter series of towers – with the 16 or 20 foot height allowing for a superb day and night field of view. When considering NERC CIP electrical substation compliance - combining a single Slimline tower with the cost-effective Stealth internal perimeter system provides low-bandwidth and reliable perimeter detection, volumetric internal coverage, thermal imaging of equipment, and stand-off detection / verification capability.

Solarbeam – providing cost-effective security when no one else can!

Xtreme 25 Tower
Xtreme 25 Tower

The Xtreme 25 foot steel tower is an autonomous solar platform capable of supporting multiple Spotter radar and camera combinations, providing an unmatched perimeter and internal security capability. The Xtreme tower is wrapped in solar collection panels and can be equipped with up to four external wing solar panels, ensuring continuous solar and battery power to operate up to three Spotter RF radar units and two day / night cameras, plus an integrated pole-mounted server and secure radio communication. This system provides perimeter and volumetric coverage of large areas with the ability to detect and track a walking, human size target at 1.25 km or greater. Camera verification and documentation can occur shortly thereafter and the radar is programmable to meet user requirements. Please contact us to schedule a conference to discuss the Xtreme Tower and its unique and cost effective application for airports, military installations, railroads, and major industrial areas

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