Solarbeam towers are completely wireless utilizing battery and solar power with cellular or radio reporting. Towers are placed up to 660’ apart with an invisible IR beam array extending between towers to create an invisible beam fence. When the active beam pattern is breached – someone is entering your property and immediate intrusion notification occurs. Solarbeam™ systems are tailored to the level of security required and cameras can be added to provide overlapping coverage between towers or in remote areas. False alarms are avoided by beam height adjustments and by tailoring the system logic for beam breaks. This is in contrast to passive detection systems (such as camera systems) which require environmental changes, specific relative movement or another environmental anomaly to occur – often generating inadvertent alarms or lack of an alarm. Solarbeam™ is the only company providing wireless active detection of intrusions and perimeter violations, providing a highly-effective first line of defense for residential or commercial properties.

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